Being an BlockWare Affiliate is rewarding.


We believe in rewarding every member who chooses to support BlockWare. We demonstrate our gratitude in many ways, such as the BlockWare Affiliate Program. When you mine with us, it really does pay to promote our exciting platform to those you know.

Every BlockWare member has the power to be an BlockWare Affiliate. All you need to do is open up your BlockWare Account Section, discover your unique referral code and begin sharing news of BlockWare across your social networks.

Become an BlockWare Representative today.


We enjoy support from many members who possess significant audiences. Now, we show our appreciation of their support by inviting those who carry significant social sway to elevate their BlockWare experience by joining our exclusive Representatives Program.

So – whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, Instagram influencer, business figure or just really popular – isn’t it time to channel your promotional power into supporting the BlockWare movement and enjoy our incredible generous Representative rewards?

What is an Affiliate?

BlockWare Affiliates enjoy a fantastic 5% direct referral commission on every hashpower purchase made by an BlockWare member who joins using their unique referral code.

There’s no end to how creative you can be when sharing your BlockWare referral code. Here’s just a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Post it in status updates on your favourite social channels
  • Embed it into your YouTube videos
  • Write about it in your blogs
  • Share with your professional network via email

There is no limit to how many referrals you can make as an BlockWare Affiliate, with each referral’s hashpower purchases bringing you a fantastic 5% commission.

That means if your referral deposits 1BTC, you earn 0.05BTC commission!

Being an BlockWare Affiliate is also 100% free – you will never be charged a fee for this perk.

Want to become an BlockWare Affiliate and boost your profitability?

What is a Representative?

BlockWare Representatives enjoy boosted referral commission on every hashpower purchase made by new members who join our platform using their unique referral code. Twice as sizeable, to be precise.

That’s right. Our Representatives receive 10%/4%/2% commission on 1st/2nd/3rd level referrals , respectively.

All you need to do is take to your favoured social channels and invite your followers and fans to join BlockWare’s revolution in cloud crypto mining.

You can also make videos, write blogs and give talks via your preferred channels. We welcome your creativity when it comes to how you choose to promote our platform and experience new heights of BlockWare profitability!

What is a Representative?
  • If you feel your social sway can be used to introduce the joy of cloud crypto mining to people around the world, we want to hear from you.
  • We can’t welcome just anyone into our exclusive Representative tier. But how will you ever know if you don’t apply?
  • Complete your Representative application and one of our team will get back to you shortly with our decision.
No Luck?

Don’t worry, we treat every BlockWare member like a VIP!

Stick with us to continue enjoying our market-leading rates, lightning-fast returns, unparalleled profitability and many more perks not offered by other cloud crypto mining platforms.